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Word Association: Success

I've been pondering on what success looks like for a while. I've been feeling pretty overwhelmed with the constant need for good, fast, and cheap design. So I decided to remove myself a bit and dial in on what I want for my life, my business, and my design career.

A lot of life changes are happening right now, for me and for the business, so it became a good exercise to explore the word success.

The Exercise

I gave myself three separate times to perform the exercise. I sat down with a cup of coffee and a notebook. I spent 10 minutes thinking about success, then did a speed 2 minute word association based on my thoughts. I wrote down line after line of associations I have with success.

Then I went back after the three separate exercises and rounded up some that I feel represent my feelings around success.

Word Association became the design piece that came out of the exploration. I paired each word or phrase with a photo that evoked the same feeling. The site was meant to be somewhat chaotic and unorganized similar to how one's brain operates when doing a rapid word association.

Check out the site here:

And please email me at to share your thoughts about the project and your own thoughts on success.

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