We worked with Margo&Bert to refresh their brand identity.  We were brought on to help them revitalize the brand with a new brand and visual language. Together we wanted to create a brand system that stands out in a crowd of digital agencies. 

What we did.

Brand Identity

Art Direction


Visual Brand Strategy

Interactive Design

Web Design

Strategy motivates


...and design motivates strategy

The process started with a brand audit. We assessed what was working and what wasn't . We looked at the competition, gathered inspiration, and did market research.

We landed on a visual system that showcases the intelligence and design thinking that margo&bert brings to the table. 

The Ampersand

Margo&Bert is a fully immersive design experience. They surround themselves with their clients day to day operations in order to fully understand their needs.


So it is really (Client)&Margo&Bert.

The Color


We love color and want to have an expansive color palette to work with. A vast aray of complimentary colors is what we landed on. 

Who We Are

Margo & Bert is a digital experience studio building web foundations for startups and corporations navigating the digital world. 

Because let's face it, it's confusing.


Brand Identity


Web Development

Web Maintenance

Photography Credit:  
Ellie Cox Photo