Supporting Survivors of Sexual Trauma

Honey is an organization dedicated to supporting survivors of sexual trauma through providing online platforms and in-person spaces for survivors and their allies to connect, converse, and create community. We partnered with them to refresh their visual identity, content strategy, and messaging.

What we did.

Brand Strategy

Messaging Audit

Brand Identity

Art Direction


Content Strategy

Interactive Design

Web Design

Visual Social Strategy

Email Marketing

Reorienting on Honey's mission.

Honey aims to be a safe and brave community, that through education, and empathetic support, illuminates survivors and educates the public. 

The Color


An expression of warmth, compassion, and sensitivity. 

An organization oriented around healing

Before we were brought on, Honey's approach to their organization was based around education and sharing truths. These are important, but after strategizing what will best serve their audience, we landed on establishing an open community that listens and advises.  The visuals are inviting and focused on empathy. Anything that could be considered a trigger for their audience is marked.  

Photography Credit:

Emma Mccullough