Expert advice & recommendations

from dog moms.

We were brought on by the Doggo team to help revitalize their brand with a more own-able visual system and infuse more personality into their branding. The end result is refined, and the process was delightful (who doesn't love illustrating pups all day.)

What we did.

Visual Brand Strategy

Visual Content Strategy

Web Design

Brand Identity

Art Direction


Take care of your dog like a pro.



Doggo is an online platform aimed at providing expert advice and recommendations for dog parents. You can learn more about your dog, chat with other dog parents like you, and schedule meet ups with other dogs (and their parents) in your area.  

A Conversational Element

Doggo is built upon the foundation of expert recommendations and accessibility. Dog parents have questions, AskDoggo has answers.


We wanted to bring that element into the Doggo branding, and the Doggo conversation bubble is the manifestation of that. 

Expert advice & recommendations from dog moms like you.

Have a question?

Ask Doggo.

Take care of your dog like a pro.